Free videos for beginning woodworkers

Back in a past life, as editor of Fine Woodworking magazine, I put together a free series of videos on how to get started in the craft. There are awesome projects, including a simple but solid workbench, and lots of advice on choosing your first tools and learning how to use them. It’s all still online and all free at

The video series is actually called Getting Started in Woodworking, but it lives on the StartWoodworking website. There are some annoying ads you might have to sit through at the beginning of some videos, and my co-hosts and I were far from professional presenters, but the info is rock-solid.

We shot three seasons in all, and projects included a small box, a cutting board, a real workbench for woodworking, an oak bookcase, and a beautiful side table/nightstand from walnut. Along the way, we introduce all the key power tools and hand tools you’ll need to be a woodworker, from the tablesaw and planer to chisels and handplanes, with a surefire method for sharpening.

My thanks to my co-hosts Matt Berger and Ed Pirnik, shooters and editors like Gary Junken and Mike Dobsevage, and the Taunton Press for making it all possible.


2 thoughts on “Free videos for beginning woodworkers

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure what is going on with that website. I don’t work there anymore. But if you scroll down and click on the tab that says “popular videos” you can access a few more I think.


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