Patio, the final chapter

With the pavers laid down and the edging installed, there was only one more step: brushing sand into the cracks to stabilize the stones. It’s easy. You buy paver sand–the same stuff that went under the pavers as the final base layer–and spread it around with a big, stiff push-broom.

Then you spray the hose everywhere to get the sand to work its way down into the cracks, and repeat the process…more sand, more water, until there are no gaps after you spray. That really locks in the pavers so you don’t hear them crunching against each other much as you walk around.

But I went a step further. The Rumblestone paver system can also be used to build fire pits, retaining walls and more. I don’t need any more walls, but we love the heck out of a campfire. There is something about staring into the flames that feels primal and fuels great conversations (lubricated with fine ales).

The stones simply stack with construction adhesive between, and Pavestone (the manufacturer) offers a variety of plans for fire pits, each one detailing which stones you need and how they go together.

Call me crazy, but I think I might mount a pull-down movie screen on the wall to make the party zone complete. Fire and a flick. C’mon over.

You sweep paver sand over the patio, and it sinks into the cracks, stabilizing the stones.
Then you spray the whole thing with a hose, getting the sand to drop down farther into the cracks. Do the sand/water tango a couple more times and you’re done.
Just me, the dog, and the cat, waiting for my wife to come home and see.


The fire pit was easy to build, following a plan from Pavestone. Construction adhesive goes between the stones. Let it dry for a couple days, and the whole thing is rock solid.

Pavestone also sells a steel insert, which is important. Unlike real stone, concrete pavers will crack in high heat, and the insert shields them well. I also dropped a few extra pavers into the bottom of the pit, to raise the fire for a better view.
It’s a thing of beauty. I dropped in an old fire grate for good air circulation.
Stare into the flames like your ancestors did. Also, roast marshmallows.



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