Building a new life in Portland

This blog marks the beginning of my new adventure. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few, but this one is the biggest. In 2015, my wife and I dropped our jobs in New England, where we lived our whole lives, and headed West. We took one daughter, one dog, and one cat, and left another daughter in college back east.

For my last 15 years in Connecticut, I worked at Fine Woodworking magazine, living in a house I helped to build in the middle of the woods, with a nice workshop. When your passion is also your job, you are a very lucky person. I did everything I could at FWW, including running the show for 8 years, and it was time to build something new.

So West we came. Here in Portland, Oregon, land of tasty beer, natural splendor, and little-to-no snow(!), I’ve hung up my shingle as a freelance writer, photographer, editor, and builder of many things.

One of my new projects is a book, “Build Stuff with Wood.” My goal is to introduce a new generation to building things. That’s me up top with one of the projects. Build Stuff is also the theme of this blog. I definitely love woodworking, but wood is only part of it.

I like to make things, period, and I’m just as happy building a patio and fire pit as as I am making a steam-punk light fixture from plumber’s pipe. This blog is for people like me, who want to build their world. Sounds corny, but so what? It’s awesome!

As I fix up my fixer-upper in southwest Portland, try out new tools, build projects for books and articles, and meet makers all over the Pacific Northwest, I’ll share my favorite tips, tools, and project ideas with you here.

Ask questions, suggest topics, and if you like this blog, share it with your friends. Let’s build some stuff together.

At Fine Woodworking magazine, I learned a lot about building with wood.
Then we dropped everything to head West.
Even the dog was freaked out.
Chess-set copy
I’ve always loved building things. I went to tech school for high school, where I made this chess set.
I make fine furniture, too, but building is building.

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